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Lifeonaire the BOOK

Lifeonaire Prosperity Simplified Recently I was talking to one of the most Successful well known Investors in my local market. He has been investing for years and knows this city in & out. I pulled him to the side at 1 of the reia meetings and asked him is it possible to do 7 digits…


THE IMPORTANCE OF SALES I remember when I was younger around 6-8 years old.. The school sent us home with candy to sale for a fund raiser. It was like 40 or 80  dollars worth of candy I believe. Anyway at the time things must have been good at home. Because my parents just wrote…


Where are the Motivated Sellers? The million dollar question of every Real estate investor, Newbie and aspiring investors is Where are the motivated sellers? Where do they live? Where are they hiding? Where do they hang out? As most of you already know it take work and Money to get motivated sellers in your funnel….

Overcoming Adversity

Overcoming Adversity This CIAA Weekend makes 6 years I been living here. For those of you who dont know its CIAA is a BIG Basketball tournament they been having in Charlotte for the past years.  I never told my family this but when I moved down here I had no place to stay. I did…

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