Act Like a Success , Think Like A Success

Act Like a Success , Think Like A Success: Discovering your gifts and the way to life riches


This past Week I read the Book Act like a Success, Think like a success. This book was a great read. I strongly recommend this book for people who are starting out with Entrepreneurship , want a better life, want to continue to be a success at what ever they are doing. This book is very easy to read and understand. I don’t know about you guys but sometimes I read books and I cant grasp what the author is saying. It feels like Steve Harvey has been on TV my whole life however he has been on TV for 20 years. Steve Harvey first got on TV at 38 and now 58 is still on TV. I say that to say he is definitely earned the right to talk about success.


In this book Steve lays it all out. He does not hold back he talks about how rough he had it. And does not say that success will be easy. He simply gives you a real approach to obtaining the life you want. And the things that he mentions to implement Cost no money. So if you are serious about changing your life it will not be a up sell to doing it. He gives actionable steps that we all can do to get us closer to our goals. I enjoyed How Steve told stories through out the book. And as we all know Steve is a very funny individual. I don’t want to spoil the book for you so I wont give you every detail. I just will say pick it up.

In conclusion Act Like a Success, Think Like a success by Steve Harvey is a must read for 2015 if you already have not read it. Before I leave this off I will give you one of my favorite stories from the book. Apparently Arsenio Hall & Steve Harvey both attended Kent State University. The Summer was approaching & all the guys were going home for the break. Steve Ask Arsenio what are you doing this summer. Arsenio replied with going to Hollywood. Steve asked for what Arsenio replied  to be famous without flinching. Steve Dropped out of college and started working dead end jobs. A few years later while getting ready for work Steve turned on the TV and seen Arsenio Hall on TV. Steve said that moment gave him the courage to pursue his dreams as well. All I have to say be sure to pick up this book guys.


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