I know this will offend my top 1% friends and business friends. But Corporate Greed literally has broken up Family tradition of eating at Thanksgiving dinner. My Family usually spends the day together on Thanksgiving. I do not celebrate holidays however its one of the few times I get to see my family. My Aunt who I love dearly had to go to work at K-mart due to them opening on Thanksgiving. My aunt has been working their at least 20 years give or take. Now before anyone say ‘s well that’s her fault for choosing to work there and she should have done this or that. She is college educated and also works as a Teacher probably for 30 plus years. However in NC teachers do not get paid much. So she did the best thing she knew how to do. She is a homeowner and not a recipient of the system. So please hold your insults. I was advised due to my age I am in the top 1% as far as age bracket. But I am very disgusted to be in it. The greed to break up priceless family traditions to get rich is down right disgusting. Black Friday is now on Thursday you mean to tell me you could not wait 1 day to let people fuss, fight and trample each other for items that will be cheaper in January. I am probably 1st generation 1% in my family but alot of the top 1% income earners are probably 3 & 4th generation. And I am referring to the top 1% who control the retail industry like the waltons and etc So they dont interact or know normal hard working people. However they need to realize that everything does not have to be about the bottom line. The best things in life are Free like sitting at thanksgiving dinner with your Aunt who cared much for you.


Black Friday
Black Friday

I remember black Friday started at 8am Friday then it moved to 7am, 5am, 2am , 12 am and now it has moved to Thanksgiving day which is Thursday. Its sad eventually Black Friday will be on a Monday a week before Thanksgiving eventually. I had friends who said they could not spend time with their family because of people wanting to catch sales or had to work. I dont know about you guys but most of families are not entrepreneurs so we only get to see each other on Holiday’s. So it kind of hurts not to be able to see my family on 1 of the 4 times a year I see them. I have to make a 3 hour commute to go see them. I mean the retailers cant wait 1 day to get a little richer. Not all greed is bad but in this case its down right disgusting.

black FridayIn conclusion, We the American people need to take a stand by opting out in taking place in this foolishness. We need to stop & vote with our money. If the retailers see we wont stand in line on Thanksgiving then they wont open. But as long as we are willing to fight each other or sleep out side for an electronics that will be outdated in 5 months they will continue to do things like this.

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