14 Business Lessons from Life in your Twenties

Life in your 20's

life in your twenties


Im telling you this from personal experience, I learned from life in my Twenties that people want to do more harm to you than good. Especially employees they want you to work with them or for them FOREVER. I recall one time I had a WE BUY HOUSES sign on the back of my car. I was on break & my Co-worker heard me talking about a house. She told my manager in California. The very next day I got a call from California telling me not to handle my business on their hours. I advised her That the We buy houses sign on the back of my car was me advertising my uncle company. And I was not handling any business of mine on their time. Well They rode my back until they Fired me. They never could prove I was a entrepreneur but they did get me on Job performance. Never tell your job you are a Entrepreneur it only leads to trouble.


My Father always warned me against Fast talkers, but as you know life in your twenties we know it all. Anyway I brought a house from a Fast talker. She did a half ass job on the work. I paid too much for the house and still stuck with that house to this day. She sold me a dream anyway about 4 years later. The FBI came knocking on my door asking about that transaction. Apparently the fast Talking real estate queen landed her self in Jail. And they wanted to investigate every transaction she ever took place in. Fortunately I have not seen her since 09 and still never care to see her. As of right now she has plead guilty and awaiting sentencing for being a part of a big Fraud Ring dealing with banking here in Charlotte.

3. FOCUS (Follow one course until successful)

The key to become successful at anything is to focus on that 1 thing. Every one who I met who is successful focused on 1 thing. They did not industry hop meaning network marketing, real estate, actor and etc. They stayed on course with there vision. Some may have built multiple streams of income but that was after they Mastered 1 thing and automated that 1 thing. I recalled I joined Amway which is a Network Marketing Company , work a full time job and ran my real estate business. That lasted all for about a month at most. I had to buy products from the company that equaled out to 100 bucks or so a month to stay qualified for compensation. I quickly thought to my self I can use that for Marketing in My real estate business. I quit Amway and deciding to pursue my passion of Real Estate. Focus on 1 thing watch this video I made on FOCUS.


Before you and that self proclaimed Awesome person go into business together move very slow. Make sure there Mouth and actions are lined together. Every one is out here talking about they are doing this & that yeah it sounds good but usually thats it. I have came across many people who claimed they wanted to partner with me in Real estate in the beginning stages before I did a deal. And yup you guessed it all they wanted to do was sit on the couch and hope some money will magically appear. This is a minor example of the effects of dealing with these people but you get the point.


So before you invest money into what ever get rich quick scheme that the Latest fast Talking GURU is promoting. Make sure you understand that particular niche and have a exit strategy to sell products or service. I remember being like 22 or so I was doing well selling multi colored fitted caps on EBAY. Well The Fast talker told me to expand to selling luxury clothing items that he was selling in his store. He told me the price of the product then we calculated the return it was a no brainer. So I brought a bulk of women Luxury  Jeans. They were a high end item that sells for 150 minimum per item in the store. I put them on ebay and my account was suspended for selling fake Clothing. And yes Ebay was right they were knock offs.  The fast talking guy told me they were authentic. I had imitation Jeans that were allegedly a high end clothing item. I was stuck with all the product. I ended up losing money and gave away all the product. I had no other way to get rid of it. That lesson cost me maybe 300 bucks or so. In a nutshell learn about what you are investing in before you invest. Trust me you will get better results in the end.  What can I say but Life Lessons in your twenties.

life in your 20's

Life in your twenties


I have spoke to countless people who were victims, know a victim or watches America GREED. And they will tell you including myself dealing with people who love to throw their religion in your face to boast on how good of a person they are. In My opinion your best option is to RUN and dont look back. NO Intelligent & Legit  Business person needs to throw GOD in the picture for you to do business with them. If religion is your thing thats cool but its better to lead by action than to tell everybody about your actions.  If you dont believe me that these people are scam artist just watch any Season of AMERICAN GREED. As far as NEEDY people when ever there is money involved. They will always do what will benefit them and not whats best for the partnership.  And last but not least the Victim if you meet someone and they are playing the victim with in the getting to know each other stage. They are probably a scam artist as well. They want you to believe they will not get over on you because it was done to them. I had a friend hire a contractor out of pity because he claimed to be a victim of another Investor who he completed work for and did not get paid. Well My friend paid this contractor and has not seem him since. Life in your Twenties what can you say ,but you live and you learn.


Any business operates off capital for examples things like Marketing, Employees and expanding Yes you can start a business with no money or credit. Its been done countless times but that does not mean a business can last for ever being built on FREE.  If doing a marketing Campaign for 1k will make you back 15k it might be wise to do that marketing campaign instead of walking around in the latest fancy clothing designer labels. I know some of you will say “oh thats common sense” well let me say “common sense may not be so common after all”. Life in my early Twenties I was a fashion Guru buying 3k dollar coats just to impress people who did not like me or I Would never like them. Dont be that guy Clothes are not a asset or a form of currency.  And its usually a new style in every Season.


This lesson goes back to the Elementary school lesson we all heard the story where the Tortoise beats the hare, SLOW & STEADY wins the race. As a Entrepreneur at first it might look like others are way ahead of you in life and you are not going any where. But as along as you stay your course while working your plan , your ending for you might be very Beautiful and as far as the other person they may be very discontent with their life. Life in your Twenties I learned that its all about finding your lane while riding the waves with all the ups & down. Lets Talk about my friend & Former High school class mate Karen Civil. I recall back in HS I use to crack Jokes on her. I was quite a bit of a Class clown in HS. Anyway after HS around 19-20 years old. I would ride past her at the Bus Stop while she would be heading to New York City to work for popular rappers at the time DIPSET.  She sacrificed and went after her dream even when she was making very little money. Most people would have called her a fool for neglecting her bills while chasing some damn dream. Well 10 years later Karen Civil is a House hold name in the Hip hop industry and now Runs a Multi Million dollar company & BRAND.  She was actually voted most powerful African American women in Ebony before the Age of 30.  She found her lane and stuck with it proving the point the Tortoise beats the HARE. Life in your twenties, the earlier you find your passion and do the necessary things to make those dreams your reality the better off you will be in life.


On my first fix & Flip property in NJ. Guess What my friend just got his REAL ESTATE LICENSE and he was my friend so he expected to get the listing. So I decided, hell why not? whats the worst that can possibly happen? Well GOD definitely showed me and he made some rookie mistake that cost me money & time. I had to go to his broker to get released out of the contract very awkward situation. He found buyer and we signed a contract but he did not collect their 1k earnest money deposit so I got stiffed out of the earnest money when they backed out the deal the last minute. I gave him another chance after that but he proved to be a rookie. I learned to go with experience and I found a agent who sold the house in less then 2 month.  Be very Cautious mixing Friends & business together it can ruin the friendship. In my case the guy & I are still friends to this day but I have not spoken to him in years..  Life in your twenties you learn so much..


Well Life in your early twenties you know every damn thing &  you could not tell me anything. I had the world by the balls well GOD decided to humble me and I realized at 26 I dont know much of anything. And I was the reason for me being in my position I was in due to my lack of good choices. Anyway I sat down with someone who was in a better situation than me and he gave me some feed back. One of the things he told me to do is to read RICH DAD POOR DAD by Robert Kiyosaki well that book changed my life. I am just glad that I took his feedback and took action. In short That job I was working at that gave me no comma in paycheck was actually good for me because I needed to eat dirt to learn what dirt taste like. That job actually humbled me and got me to start listening to people who were doing better than me.


I am one of those people that want to see everyone do good. I want to see everyone succeed but unfortunately they dont want to see that for them selves. Not only that people dont want to see success for them selves they also dont want to see you succeed either.  I am proud to talk about  my Goals and what I am doing , but not everyone wants to see me or you succeed. People want to see you do good but not better than them. I have had the REAL ESTATE does not work speech, Real estate is a scam and my favorite be Grateful for this job that does not give you a comma in your paycheck, be grateful you cant buy a new car but work every day, be grateful you cant start a family at this job with out seeking public assitance, be thankful you collect food stamps while working this JOB. Well Im glad Im not them I dont limit my vision on others reality. So when you share your dreams with other dont let them kill your dreams. Remember they are your dreams and cant nobody steal your dreams unless you allow them to. I actually know someone who turned down a opportunity to invest 5k in red box dvd. And yes they had the 5k to invest. They declined to invest with RED BOX DVD because it was a stupid ass IDEA. He said “who in the hell will put their credit card in a machine that sits outside? This has to be one of the dumbest things I ever heard of” Well lets just say the inventors of the RED BOX DVD 1 dollar a night rental are not losing any sleep because my friend did not invest. NEVER LET ANYONE KILL YOUR VISION, REMEMBER ITS YOUR NOT THEIR’S. Its alot of miserable people out here who their life and wish the same misery for you. There is no shortage on REGRET so go after what you want..


Life in my twenties I had plenty of failures losing money, failing at a business and of course embarrassing my self in front of other bosses & managers  because they assumed I was not as smart as them. Sometimes it felt like the end of the road and that failure would last forever. But I kept my head up and kept fighting. Now ask those people who laughed at me have they ever took their Father to the super bowl, made 31k in month, make a phone call and got 70k cash for a real estate deal. They will probably tell you no but guess what I have done those things. Now let me say this at the same time me having a few success’s in my life does not mean it will last forever. I have to continue to grow and work hard. If I go broke tomorrow people wont care about the things I use to do they are more concerned about what you are doing now. Remember my friends, Success is not a destination its a Journey.


You are new to the world and you do not know what you will have to do to grow as a person or business. I have done some horrible things like climb under a house to install plastic pipe because I wanted to learn this REAL ESTATE business. I had to sacrifice and get dirty to ensure a better future for myself. I still have to do things I said I would not do for example play Marriage counselor , Psychiatrist and Judge to Adults to get a real estate deals done. Its my business and only I will ensure  sure I stay in business not every one else. Life in your twenties,tyou learn then in your thirties you earn.


I dont care what business niche you are in utilize legal binding Contracts. Everybody word is not good and some times people do have a good word but they will change their mind while leaving you high & dry. Also if your contract has the other party putting a deposit of 500 bucks with the attorney and they have not fulfilled their side of the agreement. It might be time to move on dont wait to closing day on the deal before the guy becomes a no call no show. If someone tells you that you can be a vendor at a certain place you need to tell them to send over the agreement. Dont get left high & DRY. People feel more obligated to fulfill there side of agreement when they have signed a contract. Also worst case scenario you have something to stand on if a dispute comes about.

In conclusion these are a few but very important lessons, I learned living life in my twenties. I hope this was helpful. Also if there is something I left out please be sure to comment below. Also please remember to subscribe to my channel on or like me on Thank you for your continued support.


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