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       Hey guys I discovered a simple tip that will help you increase your direct mail Advertising responses. Last Month a few of us had a Master Mind retreat in Dominican Republic. We had a blast sharing tips and discussing what we are doing in our business. However I made sure I was able to interview each guy with a strong internet presence to share valuable tips with my Audience.

My Man Chris Bruce during a video interview I posted on my youtube channel advised to give your clients more than 1 way to contact you on your Direct Mail advertising. He said give them the option to email or text. Now to some that sounds so simple and to a few they were probably already doing that on their Direct Mail Advertising .

Now In theory it may sound GOOD and most will say they will do it. I however came across 2 vacant lot in a very Desirable neighborhood here in Charlotte, NC. I wrote out a simple yellow letter and also advised he can text me or email. And today he texted me telling me that he is ready to sell. And that he did have some previous offers on the table. I told him I do not want to go back and fourth with him and tell me what he wants and lets get it over with. We spoke some more and he likes that option because he wants a quick sale.

In conclusion it’s the simple tips that help us increase our business. Even this simple tip of adding other alternatives to my marketing has already gotten me on communication on A HOT LEAD. So, people don’t wait take action. Try this out on your Direct Mail Advertising. And if you get a increase in response please comment and let me know.


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