I went to go see think like a man too last nite. I must say it was very FUNNY. Anybody who wants something out life you can learn alot from watching Kevin Hart make moves. Kevin Hart got schooled by the older comedy legends Eddie Murphy, Cedric the entertainer, etc. Kevin Hart knows he is hot and has to strike while the iron is hot. Kevin Hart knows he must work hard while he is still young and able. That’s why you see him doing a movie, tv show, commercial and stand up like every other month. Kevin Hart knows he must stay Humble and GRIND.Kevin Hart will tell you that after he appeared in Soul plane the critics ruled him out as ever being a star.

Kevin Hart
Kevin hart

NOW lets look at Chris Tucker he did Rush Hour got 10 mil for 1 movie nobody else could get him on the phone after he did Rush hour or hanging with Michael Jackson. When I seen Chris Tucker Last year doing stand up he admitted thats where he messed up, he thought that Rush hour money was going to last forever and he was young so he was blowing money fast. Thats what led him into his Financial issues in the last few years. Not Saving, Not planning, not paying IRS and thinking he is on top of the world.


MESSAGE TO MY ENTREPRENEURS: Always remain humble, Always be working, Save your money and most importantly Invest your money. We look at people like Chris Tucker, Terrel Owens and countless actors. And say we will never be them. But remember these people had like 3yrs -10 years run. How many of us know people that worked 40 years of their life only to retire broke? The people we see on TV are not the only fools around.