Flip houses with no Money

Ive have been getting told a lot lately. “I want to do this whole flipping houses thing ,however I have no money”. I will go over a quick strategy of how I made 10k this month. Lets say you are in a real tight space. It happens to all of us at times. And you have absolutely no money to pay for marketing. I will go over a quick way you can flip houses with no money. To be in all disclosure, it will still take work. Nothing worthwhile comes easy. As always it will be well worth it. I will explain how you can partner up with other wholesalers by bringing a buyer.


The 1st thing you need to do is build a strong cash buyers list. I say the word strong because they have to be real buyers no tire kickers. The methods we will use to find Real cash buyers are going to your local reia and finding out who are the real players. This might take time unless you know some one who is experienced who can point out the players. The other way is volunteering for the organization and getting to know people. After a few months you will know the real players from the tire kickers. Another way is to go down to your local foreclosure auction. Do not waste these guys time. They are about business and will assume you are there competition. Introduce your self tell them what you do try to get a business card if they don’t have one ask for their phone number. Also try to get an email. I hold all my cash buyers in gmail under a contact file called cash buyers.

Now lets say you have a list of 7 cash buyers. You are now ready to flip houses with no money or credit. The last step is find wholesalers on Craigslist or your local reia advertising properties. Wholesalers pretty much run craigslist in my city so they are very easy to find. Then you will call them, Introduce your self, ask them if they have any inventory , ask them are they willing to split assignment fee and if they answer yes. Then call your buyers if one bites you have now made money with out spending any money. Flipping houses with no money can be a beautiful thing.


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