How to get started in REAL ESTATE

1. Drive for dollars

Look for beat up houses, not well taken care of, tall grass, boarded up and yellow eviction notices on houses. Write down the address to the houses and look for your county assessment site here Once you find the owner mail them a yellow letter which their is a example on our resource page. OR you can get pre-stamped post cards from your local post office. And write the same simple message on that from the yellow letter..

2. Buy a List

You can buy list from [link url=http://][/link] list Absentee, free & clear and probate. Once you get the list that will be in a excel format you upload that directly to a site like [link url=http://][/link] if you get confused dont worry they have a Customer Service line that will help with the process. I strongly recommend you find your own post card dialogue to utilize if you decide to go with post cards. Remember you always can utilize yellow letter please go to resource page to see example.

3. Bandit Signs
You know those little “WE BUY HOUSES SIGNS” on the side of the road. Guess what, they are very effective. You can buy some blank signs 18×24 preferably yellow but White can be used. Write a short message, Cash 4 your house, We buy hood houses, We buy houses, Stop Foreclosure. After your head line put your number below make sure you use a virtual number i.e Google voice, Vumber, etc. Remember to keep message short you have 3 seconds when a car drives buy your sign. I highly recommend doing a hand written sign or if you get them printed utilize a hand written font. PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK WITH CITY ORDINANCE TO SEE IF THEY ARE LEGAL IN YOUR CITY..

4. Internet

If you have time you can go to different sites Craigslist, forsalebyowner, etc. And call the homeowners to see if they are open to your price you can pay. This is very difficult and you must stay consistent to get a deal out of this. So if you plan to do this once and stop then dont waste your time. This is a business and needs to be treated like one.

These are just 4 ways to get started in Real Estate. Each way requires work in persistent. Please remember this is a business and needs to be treated like one. Their has been many of times I sent out 1k post cards and GOT NO DEAL. Well Tough Luck I had to and still keep going because SUCCESS IS THE ONLY OPTION. So dont get caught up in this did not work the 1st few times. It took me 8 months to get my 1st deal driving for dollars. Will it take you 8 months?? Maybe not you might do it in less then a month. But the results will Vary the most important thing is make sure you dont give up.



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