fired from my jobHow I Became A Successful After Getting Fired From Corporate America

It all started 2012 I was just laid off from a major fortune 500 company in January but I was always one to plan ahead. I decided for my goals for 2012 that I will focus more on my real estate business. I stopped watching TV, Stopped listening to music and all recreational time was focused on my real estate business. I was making money here and their but it was not consistent.

The following month February of 2012 I was hired at a new Job in Banking for another fortune 500 company making 38k a year. Oh yeah that was the highest I ever made at a job, by the way I am a Grad school drop out. I figured out in Grad school that I would make it a lot further in life if I worked on me and my business due to the mass consumption of Internet Master degree programs.

Back to my my top pay out Salary of 38k slaving after a few months 2 to be exact I realized this job was not for me and I probably wont last long. I remained focused on my passion which is Real Estate. I was listening to podcast, networking via internet /in person and sacrificing weekends to look at houses.

I eventually got written up for Job Performance I panicked because I said I don’t want to let them FIRE ME. I started looking for a new Job and got 2 job offers within a 45 day time frame but I turned both of them down due to any job I went back to was going to make me miserable again.

Fired from my job

So I decided once Fired I will pursue my passion Full time as a Real Estate Investor. I was talking to a friend who pretty much made me confirm it. She said “Nasar you will be 29 once but you can always go back and get another job”. That opened up my eyes so In September of 2012 my Grandpa past and I ask for some time off to attend his funeral and guess what I WAS FIRED FROM MY JOB, I guess they said why you are out of the office due us a favor and never come back.

Well since then I have made as much as 19k in 1 month. This is the 1st time in my life at the age of 30 I can save money at a noticeable rate. Also can vacation & when I come back from Vacay Im not thinking about being stuck at a office desk answering emails hoping to get caught up on the 1st day back. Being your own boss is very stressful but the peace of mind is priceless once you build consistency in your business..

What do you think you would be doing if you were still employed at that job? I would have a horrible 40 minute commute listening to something to positive to get me through the day. I would walk in the office and as soon as I stepped the office it would feel as if a Refrigerator fell on my back. I would then go to my CPU and look at the office window and day dream how nice it would be to live life on my terms.

During the course of the day I would have to put up with 1 co-worker in particular telling on me for everything I done. Literally she would make sure I locked my desk at the end of the day if I did not know Guess what she was telling the manager. I really did not care and just played the good ole boy role. Majority of the folks who did not like me at my places of work were people that were everything YOU DID NOT WANT TO BE IN LIFE.

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