Hopefully you read the title and if this is you , I would Strongly recommend you changing your thoughts on this matter.. I know alot of people hate sales  and often Sales people get a bad rep.  hate sales

As a Wholesaler you are selling a service to the home owner if you are not planning to wholesale the house that is fine you still must sell that home owner on you. That home owner has options and people do business with people they like. Its not always about who will pay the most in most cases it is but it has been cases where I offered less and still ended up getting the property because I was honest or they just liked me. Before some of you Give up on sale remember Sales, Negotiation and Marketing is essential to any business. We dont realize it but in our personal life we have to sell our selves for a promotion, job, relationships and even marriage. Yes you must sell your self to your mate that you are indeed marriage material.

I hate sales

I hate sales

Real estate investing works the same way. One thing I learned from the corporate world working in  a call center if I got 20 calls in and  I tried to sell them something  and nobody brought I am obviously doing something wrong and need to work on my closing. Get it Same thing with your business if you are getting 30 calls and not getting any deals. It might be time to work on your sale skills.  I will admit I read a sales book by a popular Author and it was very boring. I could not get through the book. But I strongly recommend you pick up sales book read the 1st few pages to see if it grabs your attention and start with that book. I do have a advantage because I do like sales and dont mind hearing NO. I been hearing No all my life, I am totally fine with that. If you are still not convinced on feeling different on sales. Just remember That Sales is the highest paid profession in the world.  Their is always a need for good Sales people..



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