Wholesaling Real Estate Easy or Nah??


Lets Face it Wholesaing real estate is the most popular way to get started. You can literally make money out of thin air. But wait there is something the GURU’s are not telling you. It Takes WORK. Oh yeah and the No money needed tag line uh not so TRUE… To operate a on going business it does require capital. That capital can be used in your business for Marketing, paying folks for different task and other things you need to keep your business going.

Fast Cash Wholesaling Real Estate

Fast Cash Wholesaling Real Estate


Wholesaling Real Estate is not a field where people with money get success. It actually take hard work, determination and consistency to be successful. I’ve seen countless people and still come across people who spent 10k, 15k, 25k, 50k, etc on these traveling Guru and have yet to do a deal. That could be for a number reasons fear, student wont take action, student gave up early, etc.. I can take up this whole thread of reason why people fail but lets not focus on that. However I will say as a Entrepreneur Self development should be your best friend.

Wholesaling houses

Wholesaling houses

As far as what the Guru’s dont tell us is sometimes I spend 450 dollar on 1200 postcards AND GET NO DEAL. Yes you can spend money on Marketing and not get a return. So What do you do??? Do you quit? Do you Cry? NO you keep going. Nothing comes Easy. Our Paydays are worth it. One month I made 31k. I recall working a Job for a fortune 500 company that my base pay was 24k then I got a raise to 26k a year. I choose this business any day then a traditional JOB. Wholesaling Real estate is not as easy as some make it sound but it is definitely worth it.

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