Real Estate Doru

I help people Launch
7-figure Real Estate Empire
From Scratch.

Want to get into Real Estate and need help? Got zero cash, zero experience and no skills, I’ve got you covered. Let me help you build your Real Estate Empire.
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Real Estate Doru

I grew up in the hood, just barely made it out of college… And built up my real estate empire all while juggling a miserable 9-5 that paid me just $10 an hour. I didn’t start with funding. I didn’t start with a degree in Real Estate, and I didn’t have a license or any special set of skills.

But I did it by cracking the code.

I discovered the secret formula to building a Real Estate Empire using no money and having no experience. And because I already went through the stress…You won’t have to.


“I started following Real Estate Doru about 9 months ago and closed 3 deals totalling $30K With in my first 3 months using free advice! I have the check tubs to prove it.”


Financial Coach

Wholesale ABC's

Wholesaling is the key to unlocking your initial stream of wealth. I will give you an easy to follow step-by-step instructions that follow exactly the formula I use myself.

Your First Rental

This is the second step and your key to making smart investments and growing wealth. Using my process, you do not need ANY qualifications or management skills.

Retire With Real Estate

This is the key to building generational wealth, leaving a brighter future for the fam, and a healthier retirement account for you. Make your money work harder for you.

Real Estate Doru Masterclasses

Doru Squad

5.0 Average
3350 Students

Doru Squad - Learn Real Estate From Scratch.

Launch Your 7-Figure Real Estate Empire From Scratch With Zero Cash, Zero Experience, And Zero Stress.
  • Course 1: Wholesaling Abc’s
  • Course 2: Your First Rental
  • Course 3: Retire With Real Estate
  • Weekly Coaching Calls

5.0 Average
3350 Students

Storm Troppers - Secure 1-3 leads Per Day

Get a guaranteed 1-3 leads per day with Storm Trooper and regain your freedom by letting us do all the grunt work for you.
  • Guaranteed 1-3 Leads daily
  • Hassle-Free Communication
  • Assured Success Over Your Competitors
  • Completely Automated Systems

5.0 Average
3350 Students

Invest In Real Estate With Your Retirement Account

Don’t Let Inflation Erode Your Savings. Invest In Real Estate With Your Retirement Account And Secure Your Financial Future.
  • Inflation Safe
  • Retire With Real Estate
  • Step-by-step method to start
  • Financial Freedom









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